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Why Choose Compound Pharmacy?

Unlike traditional pharmacies, compound pharmacies specialize in customizing medications to suit individual requirements. This personalization is particularly advantageous for patients with allergies, sensitivities, or those in need of specialized dosage forms such as creams, capsules, or even pet medications. Compound pharmacies work closely with healthcare providers to ensure that the prescribed medication is tailored precisely to your needs, resulting in improved treatment outcomes and minimized side effects.

How Can Compounding Help With Treatment

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Adrenal Dysfunction / Thyroid Imbalance

We specialize in compounding strengths to treat thyroid when commercially available strengths are not adequate.

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Dermatological Compounding

We craft custom dermatological medications by blending unique ingredients, crafting a medication customized to meet your precise requirements.

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Pain Management & Hospice, Palliative Care

We work hand in hand with hospice and palliative care providers to offer customized medication solutions.

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Hormone Replacement

Pico Care Pharmacy uses hormone medications that are biologically identical to what we produce naturally in our bodies, for both women and men

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Dentistry Compounding

One of the primary roles of dental compounding is to overcome the challenges posed by individual patient variations.

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Veterinary Formulations

Our compounding pharmacists work with veterinarians to solve challenges with medications and health conditions

We Can Compound Medications For Dentistry, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Podiatry, Sports Medicine, Wound Care, And More!

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