Services Offered

Fight Diabetes Support Program

 We don’t just give medications for diabetes, We fight diabetes! Our goals are simple...


Pico Care Pharmacy now offers convenient professional immunization services on a walk-in or an appointment basis 

Compounding Pharmacy

Need a strength or medication not available in market? We can customize medications to your need.

Refill your Meds at Once Program

We coordinate your medications so it gets filled once a month. 

Medication Therapy Managment


We are not just interested in giving you meds. Our mission is to get our patients health with minimal drugs. We offer consultation service to go over each and every medications with you. We also want to understand why are you taking the medication and evaluate if its helping/working for you. We will pair up with your doctor to look into therapy that provides maximum impact. 

Pill Box Packing

We get your medications ready in pill boxes every month. Great for elderly or patients with busy life.